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Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial Solar PV

JEL Renewables specialises in Commercial Solar panels, Industrial Solar Panels and Solar Farm arrays.  From companies and organisations’ wanting to reduce their carbon footprint by installing Solar PV and/or EV Charging stations for staff or company fleets, we are also specialists in Solar Farm design and installation of any size, helping stabilise the global energy crisis.

We have an experienced Commercial Solar PV team who have run many major projects delivering tasks on time, overcoming any unforeseen obstacles’ and working to the highest of standards at all times.

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commercial solar panels

Why Should Your Business Switch to Renewable Energy?

Over the years, the choice to go green has become increasingly popular among forward-thinking and environmentally-conscious commercial solar organisations. Choosing to run your business with renewable energy such as solar power is an excellent choice not just for the sake of the planet – there are also many financial benefits that renewable energy can bring to your operations, from reducing costs to the potential of earning additional income.

A recent Solar Farm installation

What are the benefits of Commercial Renewable Solar Energy?

  1. Lower Your Costs Long-Term – Gas, oil, coal, and other traditional energy sources are non-renewable, meaning their prices have and will continue to rise steadily over time. Solar power, on the other hand, is a renewable source of energy, utilising sunlight to generate green, clean electricity. Installing solar panels onto your commercial property will lower your business’ dependence on the grid, thus lowering its long-term costs. Like your competitors already using renewable energy, you could potentially save thousands each year on your energy bills.
  2. Potential to Earn Additional Income – Beyond saving money, your business even has the potential of earning additional income by switching to solar power. Ideally, your business will use up all of the solar energy that your panels generate. However, any surplus electricity they produce can be sold back to the grid through the Smart Export Guarantee. 
  3. Ensure Financial Stability – The prices of traditional energy sources are only set to rise as time goes on. It is predicted that energy prices for gas, coal, and oil will sharply increase within the next decade. Relying on its own renewable energy source such as solar panels will ease the process of financial forecasting for your business. 
  4. Make a Low-Risk Investment – Investing in a safe, reliable vehicle such as a renewable energy source is a low-risk move for your business. Beyond the initial cost of installation, solar panels require little in the way of long-term maintenance expenses. In as little as a few years, your business will make back the amount of the initial investment from the savings that a renewable energy source provides.
  5. Provide Business with Energy Security – As the years go on, the grid is struggling to keep up with the UK’s increasing energy demands. Also, the government has recently introduced mandatory energy audits on larger businesses through the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme. Further energy usage regulations are highly likely to crop up in the near future; with a renewable energy source like solar power, you can ensure your business has access to a reliable source of energy, regardless of measures such as these.
  6. Lower Business’ Carbon Footprint – You can significantly reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint by installing your own renewable energy source. Unlike traditional energy sources, solar energy generates no greenhouse gases, nor does it contribute to air pollution. This makes a renewable energy source such as solar power an extremely environmentally-friendly option; by fitting your commercial property with solar panels, you can play your part in the fight against climate change. 
  7. Improve Business’ Public Image – On top of the financial and environmental benefits, switching to renewable energy improves your organisation’s overall public image and reputation. Sustainability is hugely important to customers in the current market; by relying on renewable energy such as solar power, you will encourage environmentally-conscious consumers to choose your business over your competitors.

Our Commercial Solar & EV Charging Installation Services

JEL Renewables deal with all aspects of installation and design of any commercial solar project and all EV Charging stations.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Regardless of the scale of your operations, you can reap all the benefits of renewable energy by installing solar panels on your commercial property. This is the perfect solution for those seeking a sustainable energy alternative to traditional sources, like coal or gas. 

How Does a Solar PV Panel System Work?

Solar PV panels utilise photovoltaic (PV) cells to capture sunlight before converting the light into usable electricity. When light from the sun hits the cells, it energises photons within the panel, in turn generating an electric field. Therefore, the more sunlight, the more energy the panels produce. With that said, the panels don’t necessarily require intense sunlight and are able to generate electricity even on cloudy days. 

What Commercial Properties Are Suitable for Solar Panel Installation?

The solar panels can be installed onto the unused space on the roof of your business’ property. In addition to standard commercial premises, it’s possible to install solar PV panels onto warehouses, factories, agricultural buildings, schools, hospitals and a Solar Farm. Switching to solar energy is a sensible decision for both small and large scale businesses alike, regardless of your sector or the size of your commercial property.

Why install a Commercial solar PV system?

A solar panel PV system will enable you to reduce both the carbon footprint and long-term costs of your organisation. For instance, utilizing a sustainable power source like solar energy in place of a non-renewable alternative is a much better choice for the environment. Using nothing but the light from the sun, solar energy is completely sustainable and produces no harmful greenhouse gases. As we’ve explained, this will allow you to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint while providing it with a long-term, reliable source of electricity. Solar panel systems require relatively little long-term maintenance costs and will drastically reduce your business’ annual energy bills.

commercial solar farm

Commercial EV Charging Points

You can further reduce the impact your organisation has on the environment by installing EV charging points on your commercial properties. 

What Are EV Charging Points?

Owners of electric and hybrid vehicles rely on EV charging points to power their vehicle’s batteries. These points utilise EV chargers that pull electricity from the grid, before delivering this energy to the plugged-in vehicle. While there are a number of public EV charging stations across the UK, it’s possible to install EV charging points directly on your commercial property. 

Why Install EV Charging Points On Your Commercial Property?

As electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for drivers, the demand for charging points is also increasing. Installing EV charging points on your commercial property will enable your staff to charge their electric vehicles at work, which often spans many hours throughout the day. Not only will this incentivise those in your organisation who already require EV charging, but it may also encourage others to switch to an electric vehicle. Beyond this, many organisations have converted their entire commercial fleet to electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint even further. In summary, installing EV charging stations on your commercial property will keep your staff happy while significantly helping to reduce your organisation’s overall impact on the environment.

What is the Workplace Charging Scheme?

With the installation of an EV charging station, your business may qualify for a grant under the Workplace Charging Scheme. This government scheme enables businesses, charities, and other organisations to claim back up to 75% of the cost of each EV charging point they install on their premises (capped at £350 per EV charger, up to a maximum of 40 charging points). Providing you meet the additional criteria, it’s possible to claim back up to £14,000 on the installation of your EV charging points through this scheme.

commercial EV charging

Why Should Your Business Choose JEL Renewables for your Commercial Solar Panels?

At JEL Renewables, we have extensive experience with many large commercial projects and have built our business around a reputation for delivering all commercial projects to the highest standard. We cover every aspect of the process to deliver innovative, sustainable energy solutions tailored to each of our customer’s individual business requirements. 

From the design and planning to the installation of your system, JEL Renewables will make the entire process of switching to a renewable energy source as easy as possible. No matter the scale of your organisation or the industry you’re in, we can fit your commercial property with a high-quality system that will keep benefiting your business and the environment for years to come.

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